album: Boundaries
genre: Rock
streams: 70

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Instrumental-a mind trip as the title suggests use your imagination in live.
04/25/18 04:54:38PM @star4mation:
Great mix of industrial and melody Steve. Love the synths :)
04/25/18 03:45:02PM @tlt50:
A superb intro that builds so awesomely, I'm enjoying all the ear candy throughout this track, beautifully arranged and produced.You take the listeners on a fantastic journey. Outstanding track. Bravo, on my show tonight.


04/25/18 11:39:20AM @waveman:
great intro, prepares for the spacey imagination to come. lots of synth treats and filter action that expand the listen. the kind of visual music experience I like. kind of a tease at the end when the guitar starts to chug, lol, I was ready for a new awakening in part 2. good stuff man
sly puppy
04/24/18 10:58:14AM @emocion:
love the soundtrack quality of all the parts here, wonderful piece of music , hi 5's!

Thanks Wricky means a lot those words

sly puppy
04/24/18 10:57:10AM @emocion:
Tricia C:
And Sly, you are one of my favorite artists and I definitely hear your touches of musical extra instrumental effects that are so you and so damn well done!! It shifts me between being mellow and meditative to a rockin kind of power inspiration kind of feel too. 🙂 Great job 🎶🎧

Tricia thanks for taking the time to write such lovely words and I’m glad you enjoyed the listen !

sly puppy
04/24/18 10:56:08AM @emocion:
Fungus-Dace "]
Depth of ideas! Love half time instrument use so! And there is double time things hiting in this mix also. You have got some nice distortion things going now. I can kind of see you working on this on my head. Thought! Its the best part of mixing sounds. Very heavy mood involved in listen. Sign of a good tune is it go's by fast! I dont know where i would be with music if i did not have you as an exsample of what can be done within a mix/track. Production is a whole nother world to just playing and recording that part. I find i can play less and less and come out with more and more. So...there ya go. Very cool tune Sly.

Thanks Dace means a lot reading those words. Production mastering whatever you want to call it is a cycle of learning.The more music genres I listen to the more thought lines I draw and then try to include those into my work.

sly puppy
04/24/18 10:54:06AM @emocion:
Thanks Jerry this one certainly has some building work occurring ,
04/22/18 10:32:51AM @wricky:
love the soundtrack quality of all the parts here, wonderful piece of music , hi 5's!
04/21/18 01:07:14PM @jerrywillard:
Wow! That rocks on so many levels. First off it totally rocks! I love the nice build on the intro. And how you gradually built the depth, that was sweet work. you through a lot of nice instrumentation in there, I felt like I was traveling through the whole song. The outro was excellent! Way to land that Puppy😎. This is one I'll be jamming out to for a while!


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