Secrecy Code.Silverhorse

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genre: Electronic
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SECRECY CODE   I don’t know why I do the things I do It’s almost like I’m testing you In the hope you’ll find A way , a way through   And even when you say...
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Found this old gem   As its original placce has long since vanished into the ether I thought I would post it agian.This track was written myself and Ian...
Secrecy Code.Silverhorse
sly puppy
03/09/10 03:55:11PM @emocion:
Crazy Production tricks for sure Ed I had to push the envelope with this one there's distortion all over the vocal track which could have killed them flat thankfully it worked out alright
sly puppy
03/09/10 03:53:27PM @emocion:
Hey Mr.Wolf thanks for the great words
sly puppy
03/09/10 03:52:37PM @emocion:
Thanks for the kind words it's a deliberate retro feel tthat you picked up on so I am pleased!
sly puppy
03/09/10 03:51:24PM @emocion:
Thanks Dace I really enjoyed putting this track together with Ian funny thing with this track fir me - not a single loop in it I actually programmed the drums and played the rest !
03/09/10 03:20:00PM @ed-drury:
This is some crazy stuff which only emocion can pull off so well. Not down and dirty but up and dirty. There are some production tricks in this that are just sick.
Lonesome wolf
03/08/10 06:07:35PM @paul-grimwood:
Love the feel of this song..Brilliant..Best-Paul
03/08/10 05:51:37PM @genghisken:
Super groove here, love that dirty synth! Excellent vocals again. Superb production, has a very old school feel to it, wonderful jam!


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