Intersection 192

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Intersection 192Its just a title thats all.Sly
Intersection 192
11/28/17 12:22:31PM @jerrywillard:
This was sounding great in my headphones 😎 Love the transitions. With a really cool beat, excellent mix.
You've got yourself a superb song. I'm digging it! 🌟

07/07/10 01:14:05PM @dj-jezza:
very well produced track, sounds like an electronic section of a cpu, working hard to send information to the correct coding system for the computer to do its job, but theres a problem, something big is on its way, and the information may not get there, but eventually does.

Great track.


10/01/08 08:34:59AM @claire-cameron-band:
Impressive electronica- cool riffs- more like this please! :)
09/29/08 06:33:42AM @emphyrio:
I enjoyded listening to this song. I could very well picture this as a soundtrack. Beats kicking in niceley at 1:16.

Unique soundscape. The rythmic layering is completing this melodic song.
Well done mastering job.

Emphyrio :)

Paul Oakley
09/28/08 07:05:09AM @paul-oakley:
There's something really happy in this that just makes me smile when I hear it - it's just a cool tune and I agree with IDIOM - who cares about road rage when you've got this playing :)


09/24/08 11:42:24AM @piperon:
Oh, my goodness, sound like my favourite game track - Pacman. The monotone at the startup mislead me but only when the percussion start kickin in, it got me hooked like a dry fish. Indeed, you have the majestic skills to make electronic music in such diversifying ways. The layerings are awesome and unusual turns at every minutes.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute on Earth.

09/26/08 06:42:22PM @idiom:
Speaking of intersections, the one between Walmart and the main street in Newton, Kansas is a pain.

Commercially acceptable, yet slightly buffering away from mainstream; Intersection 192 has retro and modern lineage written from cover to cover. If you're ever stuck in jam and happen to have this track on your MP3 it's probably an ideal cure for Road Rage. Who cares if the guy in front won't budge on a green, you got Emocion playing, and that gives you the moral high ground.

09/20/08 03:50:21PM @syntopia-music:
A curious spirit produced brings permanently new thoughts :-) what a wonderful electronic sound, mysterious and magical. Atmospheric pictures in music. Very great work.

Sven / Syntopia Music

09/19/08 02:53:06PM @skin-deep:
Can always tell your synths style. Unique. Very stereo and layered rhythms. Interesting sounds. Good contrast between pure fat tones and noisier ones. Gets more complex as it goes. Changes flow together like melted wax. I like this. Good swirling synth too. Wide range of dynamics and instruments.


09/17/08 12:50:24PM @ab1:
also want you to know I saved it as a favorite and thanks very much for the DL.. this is an awesome tune folks.. don't miss this one.. :-))
09/17/08 12:48:16PM @ab1:
came back for another listen sly cause this is so catchy.. it's got a very uplifting vibe to it brother.. i love how you place the accents off beat in what otherwise would be a continous eighth-note flow.. there's a lot of randomness to those off beats... man you have mastered the oscillators.. this just pops and bops and continually accents ever new patterns of offbeats.. I guess maybe i came back for a lesson sly.. and i'm sure getting one!.. this is awesome software based composing.. I think nigel is right.. you are giving us a glimpse of the future.. the future of music.. thank you :-)
Luca Wulf
09/17/08 12:06:08PM @huge-artist:
Intriguing title...
My mind went straight into futuristic mode with that,and I have to say,with that kind of setting,it all fits...
The future cityscapes,perfect soundtrack.
Fits right into my Aeos universe....
Those little drop downs are simply beautiful...
Sunlight between the skyscrapers :)
Infectious rhythms and arps,and with my head cinema rolling it really does FEEL like we are moving.
I am glad you decided to upload once again Sly,it shows just what a very multi talented man you,and it surely does make me wonder what you keep back.
Greatly enjoyed.

09/17/08 08:31:03AM @ab1:
sly is the master of video game music for our ghetto blaster.. lol.. that's how this one starts.. nice occillators cookin away like a percolater.. this got some funk in between the folds.. reveals itself when we start to get cold.. like that disco beat.. and quirky little melody is catchy as hell.. you could make a fortune doing jamba and ring tones sly.. is that what this might be for? every online store? it's awesomely appealing.. you should do more.. :-)
09/17/08 07:51:52AM @ab2:
Dripping with "emocion" this really is music to my ears...I am boppin n groovin to this bubbly little number...Love when the drums kick in...oh yeah, this has got what it takes to make mags shake..ehehe :-) What an upbeat baby this is...Fantastic mood lifter...Bright, cheerful and hipper than hop..:-)

peace n love Mags :-)

11/15/08 11:27:11AM @vesa:
Hey bro, this one is very clever; love the synth poppin & boppin, and gyrating...nice build up wih some nifty percussives. Great groove keeps me in swaying my head as I am altered into this fun atmosphere. If anyone can alter my senses, you for sure do it quite easily, and when that happens I feel like I'm floating in some other dimension. Really like the arranging, the change of tempo -nifty cool synth work- well thought through. As Margot said " this has got what it takes to make one shake'


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