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By: sly puppy
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<h3>From The Dawn Till The Dusk</h3>
<div align="left"><strong>From The Dawn Till The Dusk.<br /><br />The ants squish under my feet and I'm subtley reminded of something Hemmingway must have said but I can't remember what it was and seems somehow these feelings of mine are dead.I understand simple things like adjectives and adverts but I can't remeber the words-I knew what I was thinkin when I first came i&nbsp; here but now I can't recognise a queen from a queer a lager from a proper beer.A smile from an insincere sneer.<br />A table from the chairs under all the hateful stares and I can only remember one thing thats true and thats I'd love too make love to you from dusk till dawn.As these feelings linger on from dusk till dawn&nbsp; as these feelings longer on.............<br /><br />Heroine's a helluva drug !<br />Don't let nobody tell ya different don't let them on the fucking news sites tell that crystal meths is a gateway drug thats pretty much the fucking end.Ectasy.I was high for nigh on 15 years and I'm fine.All you kids out there I got one thing to you experiment.Now when the experiment turns into a habit drop the experiment.There are many many many fine drugs out there just waiting for you to get your hands on them.By all means I want you to try all of them from dusk till dawn&nbsp;on at least one occasion.And if it doesn't kill you or maim you try it agian tell a friend as long as their not&nbsp;some sycophantic fucking **** with low self esteem who's gonna get hooked and drag you down with them.By all means give em drugs then you got someone to do drugs with.Now in department of hallunicagens I would recommend trippin out alone but not until you feel comfortable with this state off affiars well one must be a Zen master to take a mountain of mushrooms and be ALONE.<br /><br />I feel exceeding levels of comfort.<br />Drugs are bad.I feel exceeding levels of comfort.<br />Drugs are bad.I feel exceeding levels of comfort.<br />Drugs are bad.I feel exceeding levels of comfort.<br />Drugs are bad.<br />I feel <br />I feel<br />That sex is the finest drug.<br />Go out and f*ck someone you love.<br /></strong></div>

sly puppy
12/02/08 01:25:17PM @emocion:
Drugs are Bad wildhoneypie.

These are indeed the words to the song Stef is the Zen master who wrote these cataclyptic words.


Luca Wulf
11/30/08 07:58:07PM @huge-artist:
Awesome collab!!



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