Bridges a music project

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By: sly puppy
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Bridges   a music project

I've posted "The Devils Reward" here for you to have a listen and hopefully add some words.It is from the CD that myself and Mark Pii are hoping to get completed for a future release.The theme being being "bridges" hence the name,its a collaborative project .

This track features three great musicians and then theres me thrown in too bring things back to earth a little.The Devils Reward was written by me as a demo and the following music makers added their considerable talents to it which made it a proper track.

In no particular order :

Rob Grant : Bass
Mark Cloutier : lead guitar and gritty rythm bed
Main Pie : additional leads,sweet rythm,dark guitar bed under the solo
Sly Puppy : drums,vocals,VST guitar lines

Its produced by me:so I do hope and pray that I haven't upset any of the guys with the mix !
Theres a helluva lot in this track though I think theres about 8-9 seperate guitar tracks alone so getting a balanced mix took me a while especially with the ear problem I have had in recent weeks.

I cannot thank Rob,Mark and Main Pie enough for lending the helping hands on this track and the other tracks that are currently in the making !

Special mention to Rob Grant : Just Thanks and keep getting stronger !!!!!!


"Hell Hath No Fury
Not Like A Woman Scorned
Hell Is A Home From Home
Its The Devils Reward "

Love,Light and Peace


sly puppy
04/18/08 05:48:54PM @emocion:
YEsah Dicarlo I am in the bridge building team nowadays
04/18/08 10:14:25AM @dicarlo-productions:


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