Slow Motion

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genre: Pop-Folk
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Haven’t I been a good friend lately? Haven’t I seen your best and worst sides? Haven’t I stopped your hands from shaking? So who is she to come and take what...
Slow Motion
Darren Holland Project
01/25/23 08:36:42AM @darren-holland-project:
Great song and smart lyrics. I was boppin the whole time.
07/08/22 05:45:09PM @lodato:
Very nice song. Has a defo nineties lushness.
07/07/22 11:06:16PM @moequinn:
a song I heard last nite on MixPosure show ~ hard to believe from 2009 with many comments & no Likes......I love this song all around....lyrics I can relate to from past experience...so glad it's downloadable ~ thanks @animalsoulsmusic new DJ on Wednesday night for bringing this oldie gem back into the light
09/21/10 10:53:27AM @cooter:
Beautiful song, well written and so nicely done, Fabrin.
Kathy Jac
09/03/10 04:24:28PM @kathy-jac:
This song I like very much! You have a great voice! Very clear and very emotional. I like it! More like this! Best wishes Kathy Jac
02/21/10 10:03:17PM @rebecca-lapping:
Really like the mix on this and the stops. Can't wait to hear more!
01/09/10 07:35:28PM @genghisken:
Super vocals, great chord changes, excellent lyrics! I just heard this song on Mack's Radio show, and I sure am glad I did!
12/12/09 02:44:26PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Oh, sweetness!!! This is an incredible tune, dear!!! The music/arrangement/production are all just perfect!!!! The vocals are like the best desert you'd ever want!!! So delicious! Expect to be on my show after Christmas day!

Keep on keeping on!!!

12/14/09 04:02:20PM @chris-berrill:
Excellent! Melody and mix very professional. Beautiful vocals, hard to praise enough without repeating myself. Wow!
12/11/09 03:28:49AM @mike-lynn:
This is the best song I've heard on Mixposure so far today. Professionally written, produced & performed. Thanks for sharing / Mike
12/09/09 08:18:33AM @mark-reed:
Sheryl Crow step aside, this is an excellent song. A stylish well written song with a solid backing. Great performance well done enjoyed my listen to this
12/09/09 07:45:56AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Another great musical and vocal perforance and interesting son. ftlpope


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