Who am I ?

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Who am I ?

Iam an amateur digital composer. I usually work alone with my PC and other critical equipment. When I was young enough I used to play organ in small bands. Later I learned to use Personal Computers exclusively for my work (no relation with music). Day by day I loved computers. There was a period I was a computer maniac. Some day I combined the two hobbies (music - computers) in order to make my music. <br />I don't have professional tools , a good PC , two midi keyboards , a pair of KRK monitors , a really good headphone set , a microphone and a mixer are enough for me. Regarding the software I mainly use free stuff. There are some very good free software tools out there. Computer music magazine offers good stuff too. I also use commercial demos and very few commercial projects.<br />The singer in my songs is usually my daughter - an amateur too.

My favourite free stuff :<br />EMU Proteus VX , Independence Free , Nebula CM , some DSK vst instruments , Abakos 2 , Artemis , Cygnous , IXOX Flute, Evol , Free Amp etc

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