Frank Northcutt
Frank Northcutt
Frank Northcutt


album: Toast
genre: R&B
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A little semi-rap funky R&B pop tune (?) for the overworked masses out there.
Frank Northcutt
01/26/19 08:09:59PM @frank-northcutt:
Thanks, Ed! I really appreciate it. I entered that same line of work last year. LOL!
01/26/19 05:25:14PM @waveman:
hey frank, how ya doin man. thanks for passin by my page. this tune is makin me smile, mostly cause I'm enjoying retirement, I'm toasted for different reasons now, lol. great lyrics and really catchy keyboard riffin. cool stuff frank
Frank Northcutt
01/18/19 08:22:08PM @frank-northcutt:
Thank you, Carol Sue! I appreciate it.
carol sue
01/18/19 06:24:43PM @carol-sue:
For the overworked masses out there... lol ::sigh:: yes, thank you!
Fun, catchy tune~ love it!! A toast to your~ tasty jam! :)
Bravo!! *****


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