Christmas nap

album: learning things
genre: extrumental
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just riding the reverb wave , Merry Christmas all 
Christmas nap
Michael Slider
06/26/21 12:27:15PM @slider:
Sweet guitar, lovely music !!!
01/08/21 03:58:27PM @waveman:
in for another spin, ahhh reverb my 1st favorite effect. congrats on being that guy this month.
01/03/21 09:15:21AM @wricky:
@ronbowes , @lorne-reid Thanks yall !
12/29/20 12:59:49PM @lorne-reid:
Great feel and dynamic playing. Happy New Year!!
12/27/20 02:29:00PM @ronbowes:
Lush tone on the guitar Wricky. Very cool piece of music. Reminds me of the days I used to listen to a lot of jazz fusion. Bit of a Jeff Beck vibe.
12/27/20 10:01:38AM @wricky:
@frank-northcutt Thanks Frank , my time off is coming to an end but I've really enjoyed catching up on all the music around here and wish you all the best for 21. ~cheers
Frank Northcutt
12/27/20 09:38:15AM @frank-northcutt:
Yes, I love a good Christmas nap, and this one is no exception. Smooth and relaxing, Ricky. Nice patterns and tasty playing as always. Hope you had a great Christmas.
12/26/20 02:02:37PM @wricky:
@waveman yep Ed , Im off a few more days yet and man , its been great, haha. Merry Christmas old buddy and i hope everything rolls your way in the new year
12/26/20 12:18:07PM @waveman:
hey ricky how ya doin man, hope you're enjoying some time off. you got the perfect title for this, its the right ambiance for that big after xmas dinner nap, hits the sweet spot for the couch, nice!. and btw your profile pic is exactly what I see out my front window
12/25/20 06:10:26AM @wricky:
@moquinn Merry Christmas to you and yours Moe and thanks for dropping by here ~
12/25/20 06:07:28AM @wricky:
@gary-dabrowski Thanks Gary
12/24/20 09:18:48PM @moquinn:
this is beautiful Ricky ~ just what I need after running around for a couple of weeks doing Christmas stuff
Gary Dabrowski
12/24/20 09:15:43PM @gary-dabrowski:
very pleasant and soothing...as you say 'riding the reverb wave'
12/24/20 02:33:37PM @wricky:
Thanks @farrell-jackson , right back atcha stringbro
Farrell Jackson
12/24/20 02:09:48PM @farrell-jackson:
So mellow and beautiful Ricky....love those reverb tails! You make it sound so easy to play like this but I know it's not....extraordinary guitar tone and sustain.....Merry Christmas my friend!



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