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Gary Shukoski
Gary Shukoski

Island Breeze

album: EP
genre: Instrumental Guitar
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Island Breeze
Gary Shukoski
03/26/19 05:18:39PM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks a million Mr. Mark!
02/13/19 04:53:57PM @mark-cloutier:
beautiful guitar tone loving the vibe and i'm a big fan of instro's 5 star all the way!! cheers and thanks for the listen!
Gary Shukoski
10/18/17 02:11:08AM @gary-shukoski:
Thank you DCD! Amazing compliment coming from you sir!
07/20/17 08:42:55PM @david-c-deal:
Just stopped over and so much enjoyed this centered, peaceful journey to nowhere and everywhere. Fine work!
Gary Shukoski
07/11/17 01:44:14AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Mikael!
Mikael Larsson
05/18/17 04:48:48PM @mikael-larsson:
Great song!
Gary Shukoski
05/11/17 12:23:20AM @gary-shukoski:
Thank you Carol-Sue and Pete for stopping by and checking it out!
Charlie Beige
05/07/17 06:49:52PM @charlie-beige:
I can relate to this as live ear the water - such a quality recording and a great listen.
I want to listen again to that lead guitar ... nice and controlled - spot on
Thanks Gary

carol sue
05/07/17 09:23:52AM @carol-sue:
Lovely ear candy~ good vibrations! :)
Gary Shukoski
03/23/17 02:56:39AM @gary-shukoski:
Thank you AvMo. Relaxing is certainly what was on my mind when I put this together. The calming mood of the song was strongly inspired by Eric Johnson's "East Wes".
03/22/17 05:56:03PM @avmo:
Heard this one on the Mixposure radio recently. Beautiful track Gary. It really transports the listener. Music to relax by. Beautiful fluid playing. Congrats.
Gary Shukoski
03/06/17 07:12:39PM @gary-shukoski:
Much thanks DCD and Wricky! I always appreciate comments and feedback!
03/05/17 09:49:20AM @wricky:
excellent work here, and yes, headphones are great with this! The touch harmonics, crisp acoustic rythyms,bass,drums and tune specific soloing put me in a Steve Morse Band frame of mind.
03/04/17 08:23:26AM @david-c-deal:
Enjoyable instrumentation and song movement. This music "sways" in a way that fits the cover photo you chose perfectly. You have that "artistic touch".
Gary Shukoski
02/25/17 04:51:17PM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Mike (Axe) and co. You guys ROCK!
Ariels Attic
02/24/17 04:59:18PM @ariels-attic:
You are becoming one of my fav artists on the site Gary.. Kudos!!!
Gary Shukoski
02/24/17 12:11:03AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks MTW! I heard some pretty cool progressive sounds over at your page as well!
02/20/17 09:47:14AM @winters-resurrection:
What an aptly named tune! Makes me wish I had a huge surround sound type system and could just lay in the middle, close my eyes and drift off on that canoe =)
Gary Shukoski
01/16/17 07:58:56PM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Sir Robert! I really enjoy your blues style in all the tracks you've posted over at your page too. YOU ROCK!!!
12/10/16 02:45:57AM @robert-smith:
Hi Gary - very nicely written piece of music. Excellent playing throughout.


Gary Shukoski
11/27/16 05:08:50AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks sir Loopmaster! I had lots of fun making this track and it spent much more time on the shelf than it did actually getting worked on lol!
11/24/16 09:03:00PM @mr-p:

Hi Gary. I had to come and check out some of your muzik and was plenty pleasantly surrprised. Oh my, this takes my mind right to the Islands...Love the Guitar and you handle it so well..Well make track....Gosh this is great...

Mr. P

Gary Shukoski
11/22/16 01:42:08AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Moe! You ROCK!
11/21/16 10:17:54PM @moquinn:

this beautiful, Gary  I could listen to it over & over again  so soothing


Gary Shukoski
11/21/16 05:18:02PM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Mr. Carciello! I'll call you "G-1" 'cause you were the first Gary here before me lol! I've been digging EVERYTHING over at your page as well! Rock on man!
Gary Carciello
11/21/16 02:56:59AM @gary-carciello:

Excellent! It's great to hear this kind of clear guitar sound and production that has lot of air and melody. You know how to write good instrumental music, song structure has good flow and arrangement it keep up tension. Relaxing music, beautiful!

Gary Shukoski
11/20/16 11:26:50AM @gary-shukoski:
@slacker-g • 3 hours ago • shared by 1 follower(s) • comments: 1
I listened to all your tracks. I liked Island Breeze the most because of it's openness. Nice and airy. I also enjoy you playing and say little about the mixing. Your mixes clean it makes my tracks sound like you have cotton in your ears your listening from the other room with the doors closed Bummers. You and Farrell both have very good tunes with studio "Store bought" quality sound. :)

Personally I try to do everything wrong that I can when in front of a DAW. Maybe that's my style. :(

Gary Shukoski
11/12/16 06:15:38AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Larry! I've been back on your page here lately as well checking out all the cool collabs you've done with Yvonne, Joseph, and Robert. Some amazing stuff there man! I'd love to do one with you sometime down the road as well!
11/11/16 11:46:36PM @tlt50:

Gary..... your gift shines brightly on this track.   Brilliant instrumental....perfection isn't easy...  SUPERB *****

Larry T

Gary Shukoski
11/08/16 02:34:53AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks again Mr. Shane and my picture here was one I took at Coronado Island on one of my first daytime trips there recently. In fact, going there inadvertently inspired me to pull this piece back off the shelf and begin working on it again to its completion. Up until then, only the repetitious intro riff and the first 2 minutes of backing tracks were in place. It sat like that for a few years until a couple of months ago...
11/07/16 04:21:17PM @shane:

by the way , trivial , but, i used to live near San Diego,   i lived in Vista. I used to go over to Oceanside and spend time on the beach enjoying all the time.

11/07/16 04:17:49PM @shane:

i love the interplay of the Bass in this.  frankly love all aspects . genius composition to my ears. your lead guitar style is seriously fine. To be specific, the tone and texture of sound  involving mild distortion and harmonic feedback, and also your phrasing, and the places that your riff sequences go is excellent .  splendid riffs in this lead guitar episodes in the overall track.  I notice the harmonic string strikes as well. Island Breeze is amazing and a major reward to the hearer.  I'll look forward to listen to everything you bring out Gary.

Gary Shukoski
10/27/16 07:51:42PM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks a million Dace! No higher compliment than to hear that a piece of music I made touched you on a level that could actually help cheer you up out of a funk! Rock on bro! You certainly made my day as well by saying that.
Gary Shukoski
10/27/16 11:10:46AM @gary-shukoski:
Thank you Farrell. Much appreciated. Glad you dig it!
Farrell Jackson
10/26/16 11:01:45AM @farrell-jackson:

I like the opening crystal clear guitar picking.....beautiful work as it carries on with little subtleties added like harmonics and then the fantastic solo takes off....excellent!


Gary Shukoski
10/09/16 04:12:08AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Thielus. I've been checking our your page as well. Great production and use of time/meter!
Thielus Grenon
10/08/16 06:19:02AM @thielus-grenon:

A nice dynamic buildup. Production is crisp and clean, well mixed. The main thematic clean-channel guitar is hooky and memorable. Rhythm section is tastefully supporting the track’s rich and dexterous guitar-work. Loved it.

Gary Shukoski
10/02/16 08:29:29PM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Sir Doug! Love to hear that coming from you! Glad you like!
Gary Shukoski
09/27/16 12:51:19PM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks for having a listen Shane! Glad you dig it. Thanks for the kind words!
09/27/16 12:43:33PM @shane:

seriously fine !  this sounds excellent and your composition is a winner. You achieve delightful sound in your Bass and Guitars , well  in everything.

Gary Shukoski
09/26/16 05:34:36PM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Jim and Ron! You guys rock! Catch you on the show tonight if I can break away from work for a bit!
09/26/16 11:36:26AM @ronbowes:

That recurring guitar riff is so isweet. Where's me cocktail? Cool tune, Gary.

Gary Shukoski
09/26/16 06:12:12AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Trish and Dace. You both are AWESOME!!!
Gary Shukoski
09/25/16 05:39:50PM @gary-shukoski:
Put some headphones on, close your eyes and picture yourself sitting on a white sandy beach somewhere with a drink that has one of those little umbrellas in it and RELAX!


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