Johnny Gray
Johnny Gray
Johnny Gray

STAND TALL (c) Johnny Gray and Jimmy Dean Brooks

album: Stand Tall
genre: Power Ballad
streams: 201
creation date: 2014-06-25

  Song Lyrics
STAND TALL © Johnny Gray – January 2013  V1. This world has got its pathsYou have to choose which way to goThere’s good and there’s evilWhich way you choose,...
  Song Information
Uplifting Power Ballad
STAND TALL (c) Johnny Gray and Jimmy Dean Brooks
tony cee
02/16/19 03:38:52PM @tony-cee:
super song , love your voice , superb guitar work ,,,......tony cee
12/25/17 09:21:37AM @msp:
Billy Idol one of your past influences?
Just curious.
Great tune. Love the guitar pieces....
Love the words...
Great stuff. Thanks for sharing this diamond.

Gary Shukoski
02/06/17 01:23:13AM @gary-shukoski:
Great sounds on this cool tune! Love all the minor chords here. Very Eerie!
06/25/14 02:49:48PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
There Is A Great Video To Go With This One As Well On Youtube !


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