album: Fantastic Dreamer
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 321
creation date: 2009-12-22

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See … when you fall asleep deep inside a looking glass and if you have a vision and it takes you far on a silent moonbeam to a shooting star When the...
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After a number of years wondering whether this music would be realized according to his vision, we are pleased to share it, and to officially welcome Glenn...
Gary Shukoski
05/15/17 07:33:29PM @gary-shukoski:
Definitely one of my faves here at this page! Love the epic length pieces most of all and you guys do 'em well!
Gary Shukoski
07/07/16 07:13:39AM @gary-shukoski:
I'm trying to give this tune a 5 star rating but all it will allow me to do is a 4. Maybe I'm not doing this right. Anyways, if you get a message that I rated this song any less than a 5, then that is completely wrong! I give it a whole hearted FIVE STARS!
Gary Shukoski
07/07/16 05:53:19AM @gary-shukoski:
Another fine epic length piece of prog rockery with lots of mood changes! Love it! I can hear the Steve Rothery influence at around the 5:50 mark and the vocals are also reflect a bit of Fish! Very much digging your work guys!!!
02/07/11 10:48:05PM @eirik-finbak:
The lyrics are well written and the music is nice.
06/13/10 06:14:13PM @bardo:
Epic peace my Prog brothers!
From beginning to end a Majastic journey thru light and dark.
Great performace all around.Had to listen to this three times to satisfy my thirst!

Bardo Bros,
Brad and Clark

12/22/09 11:42:19PM @tlt50:
Blake and TCP..... geez gents.... SPECTACULAR. That intro grabs you....doesn't let you go.I always expect fantastic musicianship from TCP...I'm never dissapointed. Man....the production, songwriting ...arranging is' ...well,damn'(speechless) it blows me away.Some of the best.... major regards and respects !!
BRAVO....standing O"""""" Thx for sharing this , my friend..

Larry T *****

12/28/09 07:43:39PM @david-c-deal:
TCP, my favorite indie band. There are several sections that I particularly enjoy. This is a song that requires me to listen several times to "wrap my head around it". The lyrics are fascinating and meaningful. The musicianship is excellent at always as is the production. Did I mention that TCP is my favorite indie band? :)
David c Deal

03/16/10 02:33:54AM @brian-mattson:
I needed an infusion of prog rock by one of Indies best, and this is awesome. Strong performances by an all star cast. Very well done, as you continue to build a well deserved following. This is taking me on quite the journey, as I have come to expect from such great writers of EPIC PROG. What a journey!

My best to all!

stephan foster
12/23/09 11:42:04AM @stephan-foster:
I agree with Larry. Great piece! Parts remind me of old Genesis. Really enjoying this!
Stephan Foster

12/26/09 10:32:24AM @tcp:
Glenn, such a wonderful song you know I've been waiting to hear this one fully realized...your keys such an inspiration from the very start. Henry, I don't know what we'd do without your power and magic to makes these things come alive. Jack, the guitar and drum work you did here were central in bringing this to the next dimension.

Quite the honor to be able to keep doing this together. Thanks guys!! ...b

12/26/09 06:27:10PM @ed-drury:
Beautiful progressive rock epic! Expressive controlled playing on all instruments, interesting lyrics and magestic transistions. The first guitar solo has a wonderful flamingo flavor and the palm muted runs are precise, thrilling. Wonderful change after that into a somewhat floydish ballad feel. Love the attention to accents in the drums throughout. Everything is kept very tight and controlled with losing any expression. Henry's vocals are delivered powerfully. The entire structure is amazing. Great story telling lyrically and instrumentally.


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