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Gary Shukoski
Gary Shukoski

Society's Child (w/ Ben Mendoza and Martin Hill)

album: EP
genre: Prog/Rock/Metal
streams: 149

Society's Child (w/ Ben Mendoza and Martin Hill)
Gary Shukoski
07/11/17 01:51:19AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks for the kind review Blake and thanks for showcasing the track on your show Doug. You guys ROCK!
Doug Dickens
06/27/17 01:49:06PM @doug-dickens:
Fantastic song ...
05/16/17 11:04:47AM @tcp:
Very nice indeed Gary. Love the production and instrumentation. Lead guitar tone is up my alley. Solid writing and playing round this off into really enjoyable track. Well done!! /B
Gary Shukoski
05/01/17 04:48:36AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Mr AvMo! Diggin' some of your new posts here too!
04/30/17 10:00:30PM @avmo:
Beautiful song Gary. Solid all around.
Gary Shukoski
04/15/17 11:30:10AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks DCD! I am honored to get compliments from you. You're an amazing player/composer/producer and I enjoy much of your collaborative work here on the site with so many other mix artists.
03/21/17 06:04:00PM @david-c-deal:
I'm so glad I was sparked by your review to listen to this song of yours. Remarkable sound. You certainly found a golden nugget at Home Depot with that vocalist. That bass line in the verses is really cool. Just a fine song all around.
Gary Shukoski
02/28/17 03:33:07AM @gary-shukoski:
Thanks Tricia! Just noticed your comment lol. This was a chance collaboration where the "sum" came out so much cooler than the "parts" imagined it could!
Gary Shukoski
11/14/16 10:25:13PM @gary-shukoski:
Hey Dace. It's a Jackson reverse headstock 7 string. I've been taking it to concerts for years and having it signed by all of my heroes!
11/07/16 04:24:49PM @shane:

this track demonstrates how music can be almost some kind of inducer of euphoria. thanks for your further comment giving info about the song history.

Gary Shukoski
10/08/16 07:19:20PM @gary-shukoski:
Thank you guys. Ben put the final title to it when he brought his awesome voice and lyrics to it. I had submitted the instrumental to my band sometime before, titled "hiways", but when Ben got a hold of it, he took it to a level much higher than I was expecting.
10/08/16 05:34:04PM @shane:

A very gorgeous Trak Gary. it's  , kinda beyond words to convey reaction to such a wonderful music episode as this.  Ben Mendoza really crowned it marvelously with his vocal .  In the composing of the melody and place of the vocal , through to the appeal and tone of the voice ,  it all adds up to a stellar performance.  Your guitars and composition sound so great. 

Barefoot Music
09/27/16 10:21:50PM @barefoot-music-group:

I was immediately grabbed by the hook of your title, once in to the intro I knew I was staying. On every level of what a good composition should have you nailed it. The arrangement and production absolutely spot on.

Especially loving the lead guitar solo break, brilliantly emoted the essence of the lyrics. Sharing this on FB.  ~ Barefoot

09/08/16 07:57:28AM @ronbowes:

Tasty axe work.

09/08/16 07:50:31AM @ronbowes:

Great work here Gary. Nice production. The vocals sit great in this.

Farrell Jackson
07/17/16 03:08:08PM @farrell-jackson:
Another good song and performances Gary. It's good to hear some vocals to your music. Ben sings well and caught the vibe of the song with his melody and harmonies. Nice one!


Bill B
07/16/16 02:57:08PM @bill-b:
Bens voice sounds great! Well written and arranged song with good balanced production qualities.
Gary Shukoski
07/15/16 03:27:55PM @gary-shukoski:
This is the only track of mine where I shared the mixing, recording, and engineering duties. I wrote and programmed all the tracks for this on a Roland DR-5 but did not yet have a digital recording setup. My buddy Martin Hill let me come over and use his Cubase system and one by one, we recorded the DR-5 tracks onto their own audio track on his system. We then brought in Ben to record his vocals with only the bare DR-5 tracks. When he was done, Martin and I recorded all the guitar parts I wrote for the piece. Martin is actually on this recording as well. He played (doubled) all of my rhythm parts with me on the left side of the mix and mine all went on the right (same parts). Then he recorded me on about 3 passes of the solo and layered the results together and helped me mix the whole final thing down. I learned a lot from "Mardo" and have been doing it myself since!
07/15/16 12:23:08AM @tlt50:
Gary..... Ben's vocals are awesome ! Your musicianship is impeccable, superb songwriting skills. Stellar ear for mixing and producing. It's great to have your talents at Mixposure .

Stay Awesome,

Larry T / Wolf

Gary Shukoski
07/14/16 05:03:38PM @gary-shukoski:
This song is a cool collab I did with a buddy (Ben Mendoza) that worked at Home Depot with me years back. I heard that he could sing, so I gave him this track on a cassette tape and he took it home for a day or two. When he came back over to show me what he came up with, he laid down the vocals to this very track.

Hoping to do more of this kind of stuff here at MIXposure! I am very much down to do some more cool collabs like this if anybody else is!


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