In the Flame

album: Temporal Chaos
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 76

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In the Flame Arpino (music)/Tarnecky (words) she wandered away before… i lost all I had and more her hunger for life her creed she willed her own...
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Glenn Arpino (music), Henry Tarnecky (words) This is #8 of 8 on the new album Temporal Chaos, releasing Jul/Aug 2016. We had the good fortune of receiving...
In the Flame
Gary Shukoski
05/08/17 05:18:09PM @gary-shukoski:
It's been a while since I heard this stuff so I'm making my rounds here for some awesome prog rock!
Gary Shukoski
07/07/16 05:46:03AM @gary-shukoski:
As a fellow prog fan, I certainly enjoy the more epic pieces such as this one! Keep up the great work!
07/04/16 03:16:30AM @self-tort:
It's been far too long since I've listened to a new TCP track. As always everything is just right. Epic work guys. Congrats.
07/03/16 02:56:34PM @tlt50:
Pure CLASS , my friends !! *Brilliant* Congrats on the AOTM...well done,
Larry T..

05/22/16 08:15:27PM @gene-smith:
Very, VERY nice!


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