Good times bad times

album: At the end of the day
genre: blues
streams: 18
creation date: 2024-01-04

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GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES (Written by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards; performed by hooyoosay) There've been good times, there've been bad times. I have my...
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Blues, rhythm and blues, classic blues, electric blues, Rolling Stones cover.  EasySongLicensing, license #1544141 
Good times bad times
01/05/24 06:55:19PM @hooyoosay:
Thank you Tony, thank you Farrell.
tony cee
01/05/24 03:34:32PM @tony-cee:
great cover , love it ......cheers tony cee
Farrell Jackson
01/05/24 11:32:30AM @farrell-jackson:
A cool Stones' cover! I dig the blues harp. This checks the 1960's blues boxes for me. Well done!
01/04/24 04:17:03PM @hooyoosay:
Thanks so much, Gary!
Gary Dabrowski
01/04/24 03:59:45PM @gary-dabrowski:
I like it!


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