We're going on a holiday

album: We're going on a holiday
genre: sunshine pop
streams: 22
creation date: 2024-07-09

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WE'RE GOING ON A HOLIDAY (Written & performed by hooyoosay) We're going on a holiday,  hey, now pack your bags.  We're going on a holiday,  come on,...
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What a joyful feeling, preparing to leave for a holiday! The planning, the prospect, the excitement! 
We're going on a holiday
07/16/24 06:08:40PM @hooyoosay:
Thank you for the compliment, Kimbo.
And let me tell you, you're an admirable creator too!

07/16/24 01:46:25PM @kim-d-groff:
Song of the week winner!! Awesome! You deserve that for this terrific music!!!
07/16/24 06:20:17AM @hooyoosay:
Thank you, Farrell. Enjoy your holiday!`
Farrell Jackson
07/15/24 09:36:02PM @farrell-jackson:
Hey it's time for a holiday and I need one badly! Great vocals and the harmonies are lush. The keys, sqeeze box or accordian gives the song a real happy vibe. A fun song!
07/11/24 06:44:36PM @hooyoosay:
Thanks, Jim!
Let's have some fun.

07/11/24 04:25:33PM @jimsae:
A holiday sounds great to me! A great, super cheerful track!
07/09/24 07:19:09PM @hooyoosay:
Thanks, Gary!
We've got your ticket, let's go!

Gary Dabrowski
07/09/24 02:02:15PM @gary-dabrowski:
OK, my bags are packed...now what?...don't leave without me...lol


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