Ian Kudzinowski
Ian Kudzinowski

End of the Garden

album: Deep Sleep Diving
genre: Pop
streams: 20

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We’d always be recording on our VCR and adoring ourselves in the 4 by 3 aspect ratio   Mum was always shouting up for us to turn our music down Cos the...
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Written & recorded by Ian Kudzinowski.
End of the Garden
07/25/20 12:42:35AM @freudian-slip:
Great vocals but that rhythm guitar sound is driving me nuts. Some kind of weird phasing going on. But, cleaned up a little this could be a great song. Some great little touches in the mid-section and a nice ending.
Farrell Jackson
07/25/20 12:07:34AM @farrell-jackson:
Too much swirling in the rhythm section....makes me dizzy. I heard an obvious punch in at "on our vcr" and at a couple of other spots. I do like the section where the drums drop out...great vox and harmonies there. You might give the guitar tuning or the scales you're using a closer listen. Something there sounds slightly off to me. The song has a lot of potential. It just needs some minor tweaks.


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