To Watch Her Leave

album: A Story To Tell
genre: Ambient
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To Watch Her Leave
09/21/10 04:29:29PM @cooter:
What a nice piece of music. To my ears, this is very well done on all levels. Listening is a joy.
02/22/09 03:19:56PM @jdk:
To Watch... and listen to this beauty. such a patient piece. very dreamy and exotic. great soundtrack material.


10/23/08 02:57:44PM @slowmarchingband:
Well again you put me 'in the zone' with your musical creations. This is definitly a work of art! In spite of the title, there's something hopeful and peaceful about this instrumental. A beautiful piece of music. Love the oriental vibe I'm getting from this.
Rob Grant
10/11/08 09:53:51AM @rayon-vert:
Very interesting base theme....and I liked the way you built on it. I really liked the littke spoken parts, they added a little spiritual eeriness for me. You definitely set a nice pace and mood.

10/07/08 12:37:00PM @piperon:
The atmospherical feel of this track is beyond word of imagination, very spacy and mystical. Not too blender on the mixing with lots of sound in one take, very smart move indeed. The relaxation intake from hearing such slow and steady music make one wonder, am I existing or just a close illusion. You are definitely a catchy musician to make one ponder. I am a man of big melody, so I felt something is missing.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

10/06/08 03:03:27PM @ab1:
this is lovely.. sad.. if she's leaving it's got to be.. lots of space serves this ambient music very well.. love the pad sounds and the slow pace.. the slower the better.. don't want her to leave.. you have so many sounds.. love the sub percussive instruments.. the pulsing phased ones.. much like clock ticking.. counting the minutes left.. it's making me nostalgic and meloncholy.. you really know how to get your theme and mood across.. i sure could imagine too that this would be excellent film music.. awesome piece man..
10/06/08 12:39:12PM @test200:
thinking mans arranging, thump is wonderful. your subtle grooves never interfere with the atmosphere. the plucky synth and its mirror hooks you into thought. again very nice balance of cinematic sound.
FD Project
10/06/08 10:05:58AM @fd-project:
Wonderful song...fantastic atmo and great sounds.
I like it !!


10/06/08 05:11:41AM @emphyrio:
I was waiting on a other song from You and it was worth waiting ;)

This is very nice, so smoothely done. I love most of Your songs and this is no exception.
As in aquarelling (waterpainting) its the art of leave the spaces.
Cool soundscape, relaxing and I think that was Your goal..
Very well done...

Emphyrio :)

10/06/08 03:37:06AM @ab2:
Awash with oriental "spice" which is perfectly blended into the bigger picture...This is such a wonderful treat for me to be listening to..Makes me think of Almond blossoms and misty, jagged, mountain tops..Japan..This flows so smoothly, it floats, it`s something untouchable..I could`ve listened for much longer..:-) Excellent work..:-) Lythem you say? ehheee

Peace n love mags :-)

10/06/08 12:08:04AM @trp-recording-studio:
Very cool stuff! I'm a big fan of Ozric Tentacles and your stuff is right on par. Love the fact that you don't feel the need to fill up every available space with sounds. You created a nice balance of mood and movement.
10/09/08 11:55:26AM @vesa:
Do like this ambient feeling that pulled me in from the start. Lovely string sounds making waves to alter one's mind into envisioning a tranquil place deep in the frontal lobal area carrying on, jumping from one synapse to another to ease the tension. Very cool choice of sounds on the synth. Love the textural quality of the sound mix. Nifty bit of melodic is input into this well arranged music. EXCELLENT production.
Worth more listens. -Vesa.

10/06/08 02:44:18PM @gordon-leed:
Very sweet soundscape here my friend. Lovely quiet contemplative music...a very relaxing listen after a hectic day...thanks so much!! A favourite for sure. - Gordon


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