Home Leaving

album: A Story To Tell
genre: Ambient
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Imagine: there you are at an airport, or maybe a dock or even waiting for the next bus, but where ever you are, you are leaving. Your friends, family, maybe...
Home Leaving
10/07/08 12:46:16PM @piperon:
The core fold of the track is with the mixing skills. It depends on how you make a instrument entrances and exits, which you are very skillful in doing that. But I always asked for more (sorry too greedy), I expect more kind of flow in a serenity mood, more sound and more daring accomplishment with string ensemble or drum nuts stuff. Sorry for the undulying request. LOL!

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

10/03/08 09:13:41AM @elektronz:
agree on the being hooked by the first few bars ,,that pad harp arpeg combo is just so sweet ,,has a real floaty feel to it the tune sort of breathes its way along ..excellent track :)
10/01/08 01:17:45PM @slowmarchingband:
I was hooked the first few seconds into this song! It transports one to somewhere else...Listening to this while looking out my studio window and puts me 'into the zone'. The whole tune is subtle, but yet, effective. Love that deep kick/bass sound. Solidifies this towards the end. I'll be back for more...
09/30/08 07:44:47AM @claire-cameron-band:
This is my favourite :) Got a real feel of moving on and out of somewhere into something more deep and interesting- keep it up! X
sly puppy
09/26/08 05:19:17PM @emocion:
Hey There Idiom

Well rapster has said this could be a electronica spotlit track and it certainly has the quality to be just that. I will be getting the spotlight up and running for October with some feature artsists etc : so you may well hear from me.

This track is enchanting : its a simplistic construction with a pallette of sounds so lush and relaxing it really is like floating.
The subtle arp with the touches of echo that fold away and give rise to the background sound bites.The deepness of that exploding kick _ the solitude of the melody .........everything just sits so damned beaurtifully within the whole.

A lot of work has gone into the track I hope people listening can get the scale of the musicianship within the piece.

Welcome and congratulations on a great debut


09/26/08 04:31:40PM @ab2:
After reading rapsters review of this on the front page I was compelled to come and have a listen myself...Ohhhhhh, now this is incredibly beautiful...Floats along like a feather on the breeze...This is music I can imagine closing my eyes to, shutting out everything else.......Drifting....drifting..............drifting..
Fabulously sensual....Loved every beautiful note of it...:-)

Peace n love mags :-)

09/26/08 01:13:34PM @test200:
A great extension of the mind here. Nicely layered to carry the listener away, everything in its place. Low key groove is perfect to compliment the piano touches. Tension drifting away, body relaxed, alone in thought. Hits a spot in the time where I'm comfortable, very nice!!
09/25/08 03:07:56AM @fvzz:
this was a sweet little trip. nice and chill.... you should make that pad louder and add more reverb to make it a total spacial trip.
09/24/08 05:03:11PM @emphyrio:
A delight for overworked ears. I love it!
Very ambient sound. Nice percussions.
Very smooth synth texture. The harp fits in beautifully.
Well done job on the mixing/mastering.

Feed us more ;)

Emphyrio :)

09/24/08 04:52:37PM @grandprogrock:
I like the theme and the xylophone percussive synth efffect set a nice mood. I liked the layered synth background and the percussion was nice, I especially liked the spaced drum beat towards the ending......very nice :-)

09/26/08 04:19:04PM @ab1:
saved this future electronic spotlight feature as one of my own faves and thanks for the download.. that will be soothing.. :-)
09/26/08 04:17:12PM @ab1:
oh man this gets more poignant and beautiful with each second.. sensual and lush sounds.. satin.. silk.. lovely.. love the subdued beat and music.. this is what i call ambient.. very sensitive and flowing.. soft as air.. light.. floats.. like laying in a warm bath.. this would be totally soothing if it weren't so sexy.. love it mang.. graceful.. :-)


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