Night Trippin' Wichita

album: A Story To Tell
genre: Ambient
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Night Trippin' Wichita
10/07/08 12:53:40PM @piperon:
The is no base principles to make good music, it is like making cakes. Some people will like it but some will hate it. To me, music is for the mind and soul, not just for relaxing. Like this piece, I feel the peacefulness that it protrait, a smooth ride indeed. The easy listening is very appreciative and it doesn't make someone ears ripe off with high level tone or bad sound.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

10/03/08 09:04:42AM @elektronz:
great collection of sounds here ,,the little arpegs that float in and out are cool ,,reminds me of mike oldfields track tubular bells the exorcist theme which we like ,,nice slice of cool ambience :)
09/29/08 09:55:55PM @ked-records:
In a sea of sound.. your music floats like a bird in the sky.. free and clear...

Again some pretty stellar musicianship is eveident in these compositions. Great work man.. TOTALY great work

09/29/08 06:15:46PM @ttvalor:
Thanx for comment on my song man. Now just came across your site and checkout some of your music and Night Trippin'Wichita. It's a very soft beat with soft melodies. Some unique structure in this song, your synths are very ambient and fit the mood very well. But it seems like it's really hard to get a good ambient percussion. I think there could be some more realistic drums then the dance ones. Also with the hihat you use some panning effects which is a good idea but i think if your fluxuate from left to right it would sound alot better and would even out. It some of it being on the right hand side kind of throws the percussion off. Same with the kick it's a little faint but having that panning effect would make it sound better. Overall I did like the song very soft and calming, very ambient style. The over production sounds very clear no distortion nothing structure was overall good as well. Even though I'm not a big fan of ambient music this still was a good track to listen too. Catch you later.
09/28/08 07:16:45PM @emphyrio:
Nice percussion sounds. I love the counter beats.
Good mixing job.

I do love Your music work, its allways a joy to listen to.

Emphyrio :)

09/28/08 12:10:58AM @the-autumleaf:
Loved the song especially Piano works in it. A very smooth listen

09/27/08 10:48:57AM @tlt50:
Love the swirling counter melody surrounding the bass groove. Just enough vocal to elevate the listen.Smooth flowing...... chillin' tune.... very good.....thanks for sharing this :-) !!!

Larry T.....

09/27/08 05:51:00AM @ab1:
this will flow with me like a master of poetry.. words that sound like that to me.. endlessly.. easy and effortless.. this has a bit of orientalness.. pops along spritely and very funky always lightly.. and very in the groove tightly.. an easy jam... love the simple electric piano melodies man.. bass is just right.. I understand.. in the pocket.. ain't no rocket.. it's more a sexy swing thing.. diggin it.. cool idiom..
09/27/08 03:08:27AM @ab2:

I listened to this one an hour or so ago, but could`nt get my review to post, anyhow, this is what I wrote....This was my first listen of the day..:-)
Now I like the way this eases into itself...A bit like a snake slithering along... This is getting to have a little funk in there...Piano is always a plus, I love the sound of it..Simple notes..Your music is really interesting and I`ll be looking out for more from you for sure..."Ride With Me" very effective use of very few words..:-) Enjoyed..:-)

peace n love Mags :-)

09/27/08 01:59:53AM @amakua:
This song has potential and it takes a while to get to.... I particularly like the lower piano/key work the more compressed section at the end was the best part and I would have put more of that in the front. man it is so close.
10/07/08 04:37:34PM @tcp:
Excellent sound architecture. Some of the sounds reminiscent of Kraftwerk, with artistic construction. Very catchy and well done!! ~Blake


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