The Betrayal and the Madness

album: A Story To Tell
genre: Ambient
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This is the song I have whined about in my blog and had to force myself to hoist it up the long winding stairs to Mixsposure. I guess we all have a song we...
The Betrayal and the Madness
05/09/09 11:39:06AM @mark-reed:
This has a real mood of ominous intent, which gets deeper as the piece moves on. You allow this one to get into your head and away you go. nice work
02/22/09 03:22:35PM @jdk:
The Betrayal... another great ambient piece by Idiom. for me, this is a journey into the mind, and then out again. very interesting and captivating. building ever so patiently. cool stuff.


10/07/08 12:56:43PM @piperon:
The soundscape in very clever and neat. Like those haunting movies or shooting games, this should be bundled together, it should bring out the most horrific mood of the listensers. This is what good music is all about - mood effectiveness. If you will to add more ghostly voice over or eerie sound, I think this should be put up on the Halloween request song board.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

10/06/08 02:50:03PM @ab1:
man low down heartbeat thumping.. darkly pumping.. you have got us waiting for something.. we are a bit weary cause this sounds scary..
it has lots of industrial fixtures.. now a symphony of steaming pipes.. then out into the night air with frogs calling.. this is a night piece..
dark.. intense.. you have such a musical way of turning sounds into music.. i wonder what happened after that?.. suspenseful bro..

10/03/08 08:59:00AM @elektronz:
eerie tune this ,,sounds like a soundtrack to a horror movie ,,the pads are really cool and set the tone perfectly like the beats that come in at 2.29 ,,the echo filterd fx works a treat ..yeh cool track ,nice one :)
09/30/08 09:27:37AM @ab2:
I`m nearly always happy to listen to ambient music and I`m more than happy listening to this one..Ohhhhh, ohhh, I LOVE that deep, heartbeat of a bass/drum?...Wonderful and it creates just the right ammount of tension..This is a really cool, interesting piece of music...There was a time when I`d have loved to sing to a piece like this...Really like it.:-)

Peace n love mags :-)

09/29/08 09:53:01PM @ked-records:
Some Uber cool shifting of musical shapes going on here. The mind of the listener is gently drawn into this composition by natural curiosity. This is like a bar of choclate that is never ending.. The level of musicianship and production values are well beyond the top drawer. Its deep and dark.. but at the same time very comforting..
Indeed a great work of musical art

09/29/08 11:00:53AM @test200:
I was hearing the hymns of armies in the background preparing for battle, I see fly-bys over fires surrounded by men sharpening their weapons. I envision a leader kneeling before his god for support. Sometimes things that aren't obvious in music make for the best head cinema. Great concept, theres room for some subtle adds. I enjoyed thinking about it, its the type of thing I like working on.
09/29/08 10:41:43AM @tlt50:
A very cool track.......... Has a soundtrack quality for sure ! Awesome production.... I like the work you did in this....:-)


09/28/08 07:16:04PM @dazed:
Hey Idiom. Interesting tune. could make some great backing music for a video game but I wish it had some more changes.
09/28/08 07:14:12PM @emphyrio:
Great intro here IDIOM :)
This is soundtrack material. What a atmosphere You created here ! Awesome.
I could verywell picture this song as background music for Resident Evil or F.E.A.R. game.

Excellent Work.

Emphyrio :)


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