Below A Stranger Sky

album: A Story To Tell
genre: Ambient
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Below A Stranger Sky
10/11/08 01:45:34PM @ace-layton:
Amazing blend of simplicity in a complex tapestry of soft forms and emotions. I hate to make comparisons, but I couldn't escape the wonderful Jade Warriorish mood that captured my heart - a sound I always loved, but hear so rarely these days! Thanks for the places in my mind and spirit where your fine music took me today!


10/07/08 12:41:31PM @piperon:
I am not too sure I like this. I heard ton and ton of songs from Bandari and Kitaro, so I think I am more fit to review this music. The simplicity of your music doesn't make it boring coz every turn derives another difference perspective of sound. One moment the crystallised bell, another moment the drummy stuff, etc. I was expecting certain surprises but was quite disappointed till the end of the track. Anyway, this is my most honest review and I enjoy the trip with your creative music.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

10/05/08 09:20:20AM @steakbone:
Really nice composition and wonderful sounds and mix. Everything works together perfectly and really sets a nice mood. Great job!
10/02/08 09:51:29PM @blue-sahara:
Idiom - I finally got the time, the RIGHT time to listen to your music!
I was rewarded with such ambient sounds; sounds you don't hear very often anymore these days. This song invites the listener to drift off to a different place, thus allowing him/her to envision a story. In my case I saw a long-lost civilization. People who don't need to talk - they communicate with their minds, with their expression and, you guessed it - with music. What a wonderful, joyful place you've led me to! I thank you for that!

10/02/08 01:43:52AM @elektronz:
very minimal yet complex sounding tune this ,,has a really soothing calming vibe to it ,,love the percussion ,,some cool panning on the cymbals and gentle arpegs that float in and out ,,excellent piece this mate highly enjoyable listen ...:)
10/01/08 08:01:58PM @dazed:
pretty close to perfection. not that I can find anything wrong with this but I could never say any song was perfect hehe. absolutely brilliant Idiom. The interaction between the percussion and other instruments is simply amazing and I also love the fadeouts on the keys,
10/01/08 12:16:11PM @ab1:
idiom my very musical friend.. have you been to the alps?.. this is mountain music.. maybe the lake district? or scottish highlands?.. high meadows.. lakes.. vistas.. fresh air.. stillness.. peacefulness.. then gradually clocks starts ticking.. you've created an alpine clock factory.. it's night and all the clocks are chatting in hushed voices so as not to wake the clock maker who is dreaming peacefully of high alpine meadows.. lakes.. vistas.. fresh air.. stillness.. peace.. :-)
10/01/08 10:03:15AM @test200:
passing specks of light with imagination abound, sounds nicely placed within the subtle groove that spark inner thoughts. minimal yet hardy enough to feel it fall around you.
sly puppy
10/01/08 06:12:33AM @emocion:
Ked's opening words in his review really do sum this track up.Its a really lush atmosphere you have created here tentative in its nature.Sweet melody echo'd and spacious within the mix.Those pad swells that have a touch of horns about them are lovely.When the strange twisting passage comes into focus the lead sound almost touches on out of tuneness but its a focus as its a design feature an offset from the beauty.There are many touches of detail here that drift by without imposing themselves but all add to the overall feeling.I like this one for its total clarity. One thing I would note though - the kick has maybe a little to much reverb on it in comparison to the rest of the percusion. I'd like ti hear this track with the reverb'd kick lessened as I believe it would gove the "whole" a tighter sound.Thats not a criticsm by any means it an observation / opinion.

A pleasure ride full of colours.


10/01/08 03:45:56AM @ab2:
I can relate to this one..Ohhh Yes...When I look up at the sky here where I now live the stars seem that much closer, brighter, must be cause I live in the mountains...How wonderful this is..:-) So apt...It`s now October, so it`s too cold to be sititng out at night, but next summer, this could just be one of those pieces that I take out into the garden when all the village sleeps...Very, very pretty and one that I`m more than happy to d/load..:-)

Peace n love Mas :-)

09/30/08 10:26:05PM @tlt50:
A masterfully created ,excellent, mezmerising delight. !! An amazing ambient journey....into listening pleasures. Beautiful work...... I really liked the change at 2:14 ...... Awesome :-)


09/30/08 09:09:27PM @ked-records:
I closed my eyes.. I found myself reaching out to touch stars... feeling the energy of of each as they give forth. Sound sculptures fill the minds eye with visions of what may be beyond what we know.
Your relentless persuit of sonic picture is so greatly enhanced by your attention to detail... I honestly marvel at your abilities to make such incredible music. I await more

09/30/08 05:00:19PM @emphyrio:
Aaaahh, You done it again, my friend.
This is so loveley to listen to. I love the percussions and the background texturing.

This song makes my mind floating, wondering and relaxing....

Good mastering / mixing job.

Emphyrio / Patrick

10/03/08 09:04:30PM @slowmarchingband:
This is an amazing track! Your music really transports me to another place. Your songs aren't cluttered at all. They're simplistic in nature, but fill up the sonic soundscape. You definitly create the mood with this...


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