Jackson Slade
Jackson Slade


album: Pusher of Blues
genre: New Country
streams: 66

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HOMETOWNJuly 2001 By Jackson SladeI just landed here in nowhere and it ain’t no surpriseStandin’ in a hardrain ‘n it’s beating in my eyes‘n I can see this...
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About losing your Hometown.......
03/17/15 07:18:23AM @nmc-music-nikki:
Love the guitar and harmonica together. "Hometown" is a beautiful song. You are a storyteller. Much meaning behind this song. Fan! ~NMc Music (Nikki)
Jackson Slade
02/27/15 07:53:46AM @jackson-slade:
Thank you Guys.. for the kind words, yes it bites on the high end, I can remix it, thanks for the tip!
02/27/15 01:43:17AM @gene-smith:
I agree with Farrell in that the vocal was a bit hot, not in a performance sense but in a recording sense, I got some clipping I think. that minor gripe aside:
I really like this track a LOT. The lyric is very well done and speaks to me, the vocal is VERY well done, the harp is just right for this. VERY cool track, love it.

Farrell Jackson
02/24/15 05:01:40PM @farrell-jackson:
This is a very nice country song and the vocals are excellent! The vox are a little hot in the mix for my taste but still very good stuff!


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