Tom Foster Morris
Tom Foster Morris

Comanche Moon

album: All Those Years Ago
genre: Roots Country
streams: 47
creation date: 2015-04-12
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COMANCHE MOON                                             Words & Music  Jeff Bostick-TF Morris  Copyright© 2012   Into: D-G-D  D-G-D D...
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Friendship and loss
Comanche Moon
Jackson Slade
04/14/15 09:16:16AM @jackson-slade:
A Western tune is always a welcome sound
Lyrical Princess
04/13/15 02:15:09PM @lyrical-princess:
I agree with Farrell. What a great western tune. I'm betting it's another true story too. If so, Your buddy had a really good Friend in you, to keep the memories alive. If not.. It's still really good song writing!!! Really enjoyed this one :)

All The Best,

04/13/15 11:54:43AM @tom-foster-morris:
Thank you Farrell. I appreciate the compliment, coming from someone with your talent.
Farrell Jackson
04/13/15 11:17:23AM @farrell-jackson:
It's good to hear bit of country with a western flavor. We don't hear that much at Mixposure so it's refreshing to my ears. I love the harmony in the chorus. It sounds as live as can be and then followed but some good guitar picking. Well done!


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