Gene Smith
Gene Smith
Gene Smith

Voice In The Distance

album: No Distance At All
genre: Mix2014SongwritingMusicAward
streams: 455
creation date: 2014-08-11

  Song Lyrics
Voice In The DistanceGene Smith and Tommie Brewster2014 I took all the things that ever hurt me and I turned them into stones.And I used the stones to build...
  Song Information
Co-written with Tommie Brewster. To be honest I am a hack and a simple man with simple lyrics and even simpler talent on a guitar or with music in general...
Voice In The Distance
09/25/15 10:00:15PM @moequinn:
beautiful...soulful voice, lyrics, collab....I love the organ...this song touches my heart

04/14/15 08:48:23PM @tom-foster-morris:
Great song, rendition and interpretation. Kudos.
02/26/15 07:22:01PM @vig-wig:
Gene, you and Tommie have gone into orbit with this one. Congratulation.
P Eric Bailey
01/22/15 12:04:54PM @p-eric-bailey:
Hey bro, don't sell yourself short. I really like this tune. Keep the music flowing.


Farrell Jackson
12/18/14 10:53:06AM @farrell-jackson:
Still a fantastic song, performance, production and lyric!
12/14/14 05:13:38PM @ron-kauffman:
Just plain awesome!!!
08/22/14 01:00:53PM @gene-smith:
Thanks for the kind words everyone!
08/20/14 05:05:12PM @vig-wig:
truly a voice in the distance calling me to be what I want to be. Such a delicate and intricate lace of beauty.
08/11/14 08:22:50PM @tlt50:
~* all ways *~ My thoughts...prayers and respect goes out to you both. Tommie,,,,, all the best sweet lady... :D

Larry T

08/11/14 03:30:25PM @david-c-deal:
I love the lyrics Gene. Tommie so good to hear you on this.. you are such a courageous woman.
08/11/14 02:42:36PM @josephrodz:
Lovely song & lyrics by 2 greatest members here on mixposure!
Farrell Jackson
08/11/14 10:29:47AM @farrell-jackson:
Extraordinary in all aspects! Much respect to Tommie and Gene (DR)..........fine song from two fine writers.


08/11/14 10:11:28AM @scotswolfe:
Absolutely beautiful!!! Very emotional lyrics Gene. Lyrics,voice,melody.all work together so well.Still hoping that a miracle will happen yet for Tommie.


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