The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians

Don't Look at Me That Way

album: A Reason to Walk in the Rain
genre: Acoustic
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All music, lyrics, performance and production by Bill Thompson of The TrueVulgarians. 
Don't Look at Me That Way
Gary Shukoski
07/19/16 03:46:20AM @gary-shukoski:
I LOVE how your "Don't look at me that way" chorus meant something else every time it came around after each verse/story chapter. Reminded me of "Don't Take The Girl".
04/17/15 07:57:37PM @tom-foster-morris:
Yep, sure can relate. You put it down very well my friend. Very well said. Kudos.
Buddy Powell
02/28/15 07:40:17PM @thebudpowell:
TrueVulgarians, I think the story is very dark and depressing, it is too dark and morose. The music is okay.
01/31/15 06:22:30PM @the-truevulgarians:
Want to thank everyone on their gracious comments about this song. It just struck me that depending upon a variety of circumstances and emotional states, we've experienced times when a certain mere look has the effect of a danger to the heart or something that cracks us up! I'm glad it came thru to the listener in the lyrics. Thank you.
Lyrical Princess
01/21/15 02:57:52AM @lyrical-princess:
Another very well written & performed song by the TrueVulgarians. I always look forward to hearing new material from the two of you. I admire the way you can paint the picture of your stories & make them so easy to visualize. What ? "Don't look at me that way".. It's true! :)

All The Best,

Farrell Jackson
01/13/15 11:17:35AM @farrell-jackson:
Another good song Bill in a true folk/singer/songwriter/story telling fashion. Minimal instrumentation with a very strong vocal and message always works for me. Nice one!
01/11/15 06:17:12PM @david-c-deal:
another prize story telling folk song tv. You do have "the gift".
Barefoot Music
01/11/15 04:19:44PM @barefoot-music-group:
TV you are so adept at writing what is so easy to relate to, and I know I am far from the only one who feels what you sing. Your storytelling never ceases to make me stop in my tracks with the initial listens because of the depths of knowing that you take your lyrics. I could do a whole show on social & personal consciousness from your music alone, I think that is VERY COOL. Thank you.


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