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A Voice in the Distance -TrueVulgarians ft. David C. Deal

album: Collaboration
genre: Mix2014RockMusicAward
streams: 382
creation date: 2014-06-28

  Song Information
Lyrics by Bill Thompson, music by William Thompson and David C. Deal All arrangement and production  along with all additional musical composition and...
A Voice in the Distance -TrueVulgarians ft. David C. Deal
06/07/22 03:16:51PM @bustert:
Made with love & full of emotions- timeless i say too
06/06/21 12:15:50PM @buddrumming:
luv this rockin tune!
11/12/17 04:25:00PM @lodato:
A lovely revisit.
05/28/17 01:34:03PM @lodato:
Timeless unfortunately. The tune is beautiful. War just is what humans are stuck with all the time and it really sucks.
Gary Shukoski
07/19/16 04:25:36AM @gary-shukoski:
Heavy, heavy song. Really nice crystal crisp production and great harmonies. Also, nice collab with everyone involved.
07/22/14 07:56:47AM @mach:
A very emotional and well written piece of music. I love all the instrumentation as it all falls together perfectly, but the vocals are the icing on the cake - lead and harmonies. Excellent Job to all!


Farrell Jackson
07/05/14 09:54:28AM @farrell-jackson:
I needed to revisit this with a proper listen. The first listen and review was done from my Iphone in Venice Italy. I could here how good the song was but it sounds so much fuller listening on a proper system. Very moving lyric and vocal Bill. Jacki does excellent backing harmonies. I like the way she starts some lines just before you a true folk fashion. David's keys and production adds the right amount of emotion to this song. Nice work all!


P Eric Bailey
06/30/14 05:26:04PM @p-eric-bailey:
Very well done by all of you. A wonderful track.
06/30/14 08:09:30AM @cooter:
Bill, Jacki and David, this is so well done. It bruised my heart, and I mean that in an extremely complimentary way. Kudos to all three of you.
06/29/14 08:35:08PM @scotswolfe:
A very serious,haunting song.Great job done by all involved.
06/29/14 10:43:59AM @the-truevulgarians:
I would join David in my thanks as well. This was a great experience for the TrueVulgarians who have long sought to collaborate with such a fine artist, arranger and producer. His keyboard contributions really made the song a special one for us. We look forward to doing more songs with DcD in the future. Who knows, maybe something upbeat! (Doubtful... hehe)
06/29/14 09:08:13AM @david-c-deal:
I want to thank you all, Joseph, Gene, Dave, Farrell, Jim for being so kind as to listen and then take the time to write a kind remark.
Farrell Jackson
06/29/14 02:53:43AM @farrell-jackson:
Sounds great! Good one guys and gal.
Fender Bender
06/28/14 06:52:43PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Excellent production everyone involved!
06/28/14 05:50:49PM @gene-smith:
Absolutely awesome track and well done to everyone involved!
06/28/14 04:27:39PM @josephrodz:
awesome,wtg guys!


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