Things I Can't Do

album: Another Run O' Bad Luck
genre: Country
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Things I Can’t Do By Bud Powell ©2008   Verse 1 Took a short trip, Down that road, We walked together. Had a notion, I might find you back in time....
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This song was orginally recorded for inclusion on the Another Run O' Bad Luck my first professionally recorded album but I had decided it didn't quite fit...
Things I Can't Do
Buddy Powell
04/20/15 06:14:40PM @thebudpowell:
@Tom-Foster-Morris, Thanks for the great review. Planning on sending new songs in for copyright this weekend so be on the lookout for more songs here!
04/18/15 06:21:40PM @tom-foster-morris:
Keeping the country in country. Great job.
Buddy Powell
02/27/15 08:49:59PM @thebudpowell:
@Retared-Potentials, Not sure who Flashville is but thank you for the very nice compliments! Glad to have you as a fan. You can hear more of my songs on Thanks for the great comments, so glad you like my songs!
retarded potential
02/27/15 02:43:22AM @retarded-potentials:
Damn good Buddy. I really love all your songs but this is the first one I heard so it will probably always be my favorite. Flashville could learn a thing or two from you.


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