Gene Smith
Gene Smith
Gene Smith

Just Noodling a Breedlove

album: The Album That Will Never Be
genre: Acoustic
streams: 208
creation date: 2015-01-22

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Just noodling around a bit on a Breedlove. Basic Em-A-C type of background. No EQ or mastering, as raw as it gets.
Just Noodling a Breedlove
Gary Shukoski
07/08/16 05:20:06AM @gary-shukoski:
Who doesn't like a nice simple acoustic number? It's crystal clear and sounds very soothing and a bit catchy with the rhythmic strumming blazing it's own beat!
P Eric Bailey
03/14/16 12:16:37AM @p-eric-bailey:
Congrats my brother on AOTM.
carol sue
12/02/15 12:40:14AM @carol-sue:
very nicely served!
08/23/15 10:46:36PM @gene-smith:
Thanks again to all for the kind words. It really is just a warm-up to a practice session, I can hear every pause where I am thinking about where to go next and every cheesy pentatonic lick but I will take it on face value that y'all enjoy it, maybe I should do a serious version?
08/23/15 07:35:42PM @tlt50:
GeneOooooooo , Mighty fine noodling. The rhythm track is fantastic.Then the awesome lead track....fabulous.... Superbly written.....performed and produced.. ( ***** ) AwwwwwwwOoooooo Bro.
Scotty Noodles
08/23/15 05:31:33PM @scotty-noodles:
Wish I was there jammin with you. On my bucketlist an awesome sounding acoustic. Have you checked out a BROCK? Keep up the good works.
Farrell Jackson
08/23/15 11:35:30AM @farrell-jackson:
Back to hear some more fine noodling and harmonics on the Breedlove Gene!


08/22/15 11:36:22AM @shane:
Really like this gene. Admirable ! download enabled ; Thanks !
06/22/15 04:09:35PM @shane:
Gene, it sure feels good hearing this. EXCELLENT guitar , expression in flesh and blood music. yep, like this!
05/30/15 07:34:15PM @mysty:
I miss you already, this is very nice listening
Buddy Powell
02/28/15 07:29:47PM @thebudpowell:
Gene, That was good. Good guitar work and I thought it had a lot of soul to it!
01/31/15 10:23:10AM @the-bard-brothers:
Had to listen because one half of us plays a Breedlove. As far as the tune, very tasty and pleasant to listen to; I got the "Wish You Were Here" allusion at 2:00. Now as far as the production, I honestly think you are doing a disservice to the instrument by recording it direct-in. Get a nice microphone and let the full resonance of that Breedlove through. The thrum of that guitar is what we love in contrast to the brightness of the Seagull I play. Let it rumble, man!
01/27/15 01:22:58AM @gene-smith:
Wow, thanks for all of the kind words folks. It really was just a warm up thing but I am glad you enjoyed it. Kit, to be compared to my favorite guitarist is an honor indeed but I think Mr. Gilmour would disagree lol. You folks are the greatest. To be honest, that all of you amazing musicians like what I do humbles me, just sayin'.
01/27/15 12:46:08AM @kitmann:
Gene this is such a fantastic song from the first not to the end. To me it was like listening to David Gilmore playing. I would be honored to play with you any day. Awesome song my friend....And I got to get me a BreedLove Guitar :)
P Eric Bailey
01/24/15 12:17:01AM @p-eric-bailey:
I like those bends on the notes has soul..Genes soul and the are jamming my friend with your heart and I like it...I like it a lot...pretty cool brohan and I also like how you are getting that mute down with the right hand...real solid guitar playing with a very good style of your own...this is true playing my friend...I want to hear more from you.
01/23/15 10:51:29PM @david-c-deal:
You know Gene, this is most pleasant. I can easily imagine sitting around a campfire while listening.
01/23/15 07:32:11PM @the-truevulgarians:
I hope Breedlove is paying you for that blatant product placement in the song title. Glad you posted this tune which I've heard snippets of for without knowing you wrote and performed the song. Excellent pickin' Gene and really nice recording!
Fender Bender
01/23/15 05:40:50PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Thought I would "posta" note for the "pasta": nice "noodles"!
Farrell Jackson
01/23/15 10:33:43AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent noodling Gene! I feel for your fingers with the bending of those wound low strings...ouch!


Lyrical Princess
01/22/15 10:52:19PM @lyrical-princess:
Not bad noodling. I'm happy to see you posting something NEW (to me) ~ Great sounds to chill by. I like it :D

All The Best,


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