Electric Shadow
Electric Shadow

Had Enough

album: Out Of The Shadows
genre: Rock
streams: 33

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2020 was a tough year. Kind of had enough and I bet others felt the same.
Had Enough
05/29/21 06:50:31PM @jerrywillard:
Steve you know me well. I am so lucky to have you for a long time friend. We have made sweet music together. I look forward to the future. Your new music is tighter than ever. And I hope we all can get out and play this summer. Thank you for all you have done for me. You are a great person, and a treasured friend.
sly puppy
05/25/21 05:58:48PM @emocion:
Comments are not easy to come by these days...
Neither are songs that have a feel such as this ..
Loving that vocal treatment distortion and gravel mixed to perfection.
Simple arrangement but who needs fancy things when simple is exactly what’s required.Love this it’s refreshingly human - 2020 was indeed a brutally hurtful year.
I think I’m driving in the rain
As we come to a close there’s some lead drifting and swaying sweet as 🍯


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