Jessie Galante
Jessie Galante
Jessie Galante

Sting Like A Bee

album: The Show Must Go On
genre: Rock
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Song written by: Jessie Galante/Jack Daley/Marc Ribler Executive producer: Larry Swist
Sting Like A Bee
08/23/22 10:35:01PM @moequinn:
hmmmm this great song is only 1:47 minutes long ~ I am going to go to my Go To site for music & see if I can buy a longer version
Jessie you RAWK!!!

07/09/22 02:52:04PM @jessie-galante:
It's great to be here! Thank you so much I'm very happy you like my song and voice and hope I can spread the love to your listeners!
07/09/22 01:38:57PM @the-jammiestbitsofjam:
Great song,and you have great voice!!
Welcome to Mixposure!!


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