Shut Up Jim w RS Cain

genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 49
creation date: 2021-04-02

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Another one from the archives, about 4 or 5 PCs ago. I did the back track including the annoying angry bandsaw guitar bit in the background, and RS Cain...
Shut Up Jim w RS Cain
08/31/21 01:04:41PM @firecircle:
cool stuff-enjoyed
Michael Slider
08/18/21 04:37:18PM @michael-slider:
Great music Jim !!!!
04/11/21 02:16:09PM @bad-love-junkie:
Great track Jim. I had to laugh about the PC comment as I lost so many songs when my computer went down. I have crates full of unmarked cd with songs on them as well. lol I have gotten better and save them on flash drives now. Really enjoyed

Farrell Jackson
04/06/21 12:44:52PM @farrell-jackson:
An oldie but goodie Jim and R.S.! Don't you just love finding these hidden gems once again? I'm glad you did.


04/02/21 12:35:24PM @jimsae:
It's just an instrumental. I don't even have the old tracks anymore. Might be 12 to 15 years ago.
Queen Regina
04/02/21 12:29:59PM @queen-regina:
I love it when music grabs me in like this did. #HMU if you fine folks would like for me to collab in lyrics and vocals for your outstanding instrumental.
Queen Regina
04/02/21 12:27:55PM @queen-regina:
Holy cow. Now you need lyrics and vocals and I just sang all the way thru it alone in my bathroom. Love this.


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