Respect For Oscar(THE COLLEGE YEARS)

genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 64
creation date: 2022-02-26

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So, this is a song about my Oscar Schmidt Delta King, and what I imagine as his journey from some kid having it in college, to the moment he wound up in my...
Respect For Oscar(THE COLLEGE YEARS)
08/19/22 02:15:08PM @nebulon:
this one is energic, the way you mixed very different elements is interesting.
Melodic even if the electric guitar is blasting.
A very original piece.
Have a good time making more music ! :-)

Rogue Fungi
03/27/22 06:26:44AM @rogue-fungi:
Cool, raw vibe :) those keys sound very cool :) got to love that big phat bass riff :) Peace,Ricky
03/03/22 11:53:31AM @lodato:
Upbeat atmosphere this creates!
Rob Grant
03/02/22 01:14:27AM @rob-grant:
Great anthemic song!! Very well recorded, written, and played. Still love your music….and think about your monkey song
Michael Slider
03/01/22 09:03:12PM @michael-slider:
I love it ❤️
03/01/22 08:41:45PM @lorne-reid:
Cool track Jim. Keys are wicked good. Straight up rock vibe. Well played!!!


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