A Conversation With Isma

album: AFI
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 24
creation date: 2023-10-30

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This is an old one. I had read a very old SF novel, entitled "Two Planets." I really loved that book. One of the chapters was entitled "A Conversation With...
A Conversation With Isma
Michael Slider
11/22/23 01:33:51AM @michael-slider:
Jim you are the Frank Zappa of mix. You are an excellent artist. Keep it up. Fantastic 🤟 Music!
11/05/23 07:48:53PM @moequinn:
I am sitting here at my computer focusing on Mix music....no other distractions on my screen ~ totally focused on the music ~ I, of course, agree with everything @lodato has expressed...him being an excellent musician.....me, I am just a big fan & lover of music ~ this song, dare I say, is groovy, trippie & spacey & I love it ~ love how it seems to have a few segments to the song....stopping briefly & then picking up again...to make sure you are paying attention...and I am...& I smiled each time that happened
11/05/23 01:45:52AM @lodato:
I haven't read the book but, this has a dark nature to it, which I happen to really dig a lot. It doesn't end there though, this tune has a few faces.. This has a lot of characters, and spontaneity yet, holds together really well as a complete tune. That solo is really nice! Good going with everything here, and it sounds great! The piano at the end, is so perfect to me, a pretty little tune that is a nice resolve..


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