Joe Pops Bredow
Joe Pops Bredow

More! More! More!

album: More! More! More!
genre: Funky Rock
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               More! More! More!        Words and Music by Joe Bredow Verse: No one will ever make you feel the way that I do, Yeah Baby that’s right,  ooo...
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She says she hates him, but she really digs him.
More! More! More!
Joe Pops Bredow
04/06/21 01:32:18PM @joe-pops-bredow:
Thanks Everyone for the great comments on my song.
Farrell Jackson
04/06/21 12:47:22PM @farrell-jackson:
I heard this on Jim's DJ show last night and it has a real meaty, rockin, funky sound . Great vox... I hear hints of Rare Earth...nicely done Joe!


04/02/21 08:21:39PM @stringking:
Fat sound, though massive voice stands out clear, fine production.
04/02/21 02:09:27PM @jimsae:
Been awhile, Joe Pops! This one is worth the wait! Great guitar riffing, and incredibly cool vocal on this!


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