John Michael Ferrari
John Michael Ferrari

Forever Is Not Enough

album: My Heart Can’t Breathe
genre: country pop crossover
streams: 22
creation date: 2022-11-02

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baby Ooh Wee What perfect night we had to gether baby Ooh Wee I got your sweetness wrestling in me  funny how fast Time can put on its wings when we’re...
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John Michael Ferrari wrote “Forever Is Not Enough” about the feeling of being in love.
Forever Is Not Enough
11/03/22 05:48:14AM @shane:
geesh - !!! super sweet - yet very likeable. Lovely composition , pro-studio production - songwriting . It's a love song, and , i find , it wins me over. Recalls , Burt Bacharach style of songs.
John Michael Ferrari
11/02/22 04:46:36AM @john-michael-ferrari:
Thank you everyone!


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