John Michael Ferrari
John Michael Ferrari

One Heck of a Girl

album: I Keep Dreaming
genre: country pop crossover
streams: 33
creation date: 2024-01-14

  Song Lyrics
I wanna take you to a movie Wanna hold your hand Like to show you my room view Cafe terrace table for two Cos you’re one heck a girl Heck of a girl Yes...
  Song Information
John Michael Ferrari wrote “one heck of a girl” after an experience at a grocery store. He was squeezing cantaloupes to try to figure out how to tell if they...
One Heck of a Girl
01/16/24 11:55:18AM @mizieya:
nice and jolly loving the fem vox and harmony
Lori Colburn
01/14/24 11:42:31PM @lori-colburn:
"One Heck of a Girl?" is an absolute blast! The beats are super groovy and totally dance-worthy. A happy vive radio-ready gem from the maestro himself, John Michael Ferrari. Pure musical joy! ✨


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