Kingstorm - Down

album: Kingstorm 2nd Journey
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 53
creation date: 2022-03-02
purchase: mp3, 4.5MB, 00:03:17
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From our next new album.
Kingstorm - Down
03/06/22 08:06:20AM @ronbowes:
Thanks everyone for the comments. I always have a blast with Kingstorm ;-)
03/05/22 07:49:45AM @kingstorm:
Thanks so much @tristynleach for your kind words.
03/05/22 05:51:37AM @tristynleach:
such a fun rock track this one, love that guitar sound and catchy melody, is this a sample as my player cut of half way, . nice work love the last album
03/04/22 03:56:20PM @kingstorm:
Thanks so much @queen-regina for your comment, really appreciated.
"Beware @farrell-jackson is addictive"

Farrell Jackson
03/03/22 10:39:44AM @farrell-jackson:
Back for another this thing is moving down the road at 120 mph with no stop signs in sight! Drums, vocals and guitars, I like it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Queen Regina
03/03/22 07:20:56AM @queen-regina:
Burn it down. Awesome as totally expected of METALMASTER & RONBO. I was DOWN, with airing it FIRST. BUT ITS NOT DOWN-LOADABLE FELLAS. THE DJS NEED THIS.

03/03/22 07:14:32AM @kingstorm:
Thanks for those kind words @jimsae & @shane, really appreciated.
03/03/22 04:38:32AM @shane:
KINGSTORM , cool ! This sounds great guys. Ron vocal sounding as great as ever. Ron's vocal ability has become quite a strong and appealing singer gritty rock and roll voice. Delighted to hear a new player , Drummer Jose. All round great work Joseph !
03/02/22 07:44:03PM @jimsae:
Damn fine rocker, you guys! And a heckuva fine band this is! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
03/02/22 06:39:44PM @kingstorm:
Thank you very much @farrell-jackson for those words of encouragement to continue making good music.
Farrell Jackson
03/02/22 06:19:02PM @farrell-jackson:
What a rocker, I love it! A great tempo and you slide all those words in perfectly Ronbo! Smokin' guitar Joseph and the drums drive the song along like a dragster running the 1/4 mile in 5 seconds! Well done again Kingstorm!


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