Some Really Good News!!!

user image 2011-03-05
By: LetterstotheDevil
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<p>Well I got the surgery and it was a sucess! &nbsp;I got my fret hand back so LttD lives!!! &nbsp;We are getting ready for live shows and hope to finish up our recordings. &nbsp;I'll be working on getting my hand back up to speed. &nbsp;I wanted to thank everyone for their support!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Kerrin</p>

03/06/11 07:03:02PM @letterstothedevil:
I have to work on my ring finger. It is weak so I'll be squeezing the hell out of my blue stress ball and working the muscle back up. I figure in a month or possibly two I should be good to go. We have much to work on and live shows to play :D
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03/06/11 10:33:10AM @mix-radio-dj-corner:
That is really Great news!!!


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