Lex Zaleta
Lex Zaleta

He Rows On (with Bret Alexander)

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genre: Folk
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HE ROWS ON (NOSTROMO’S SONG)   He rows on in a gold-laden boat, Alone with his guilt-laden heart. Leaving behind no clue or a note; No reason he had to...
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when an obsession with wealth can weigh you down with guilt.
He Rows On (with Bret Alexander)
01/22/20 11:44:26AM @hooker-green:
THIS IS WONDERFUL. Im deeply impressed of that atmosphere. Perfect!!
All my compliments . H.G.

carol sue
06/14/19 09:58:48AM @carol-sue:
Great to see you here again, Lex!
Even better.. to be able to listen to your more than wonderful music again.
Hope more people take notice to your song here.. so very, very special.
Okay, I'll admit.. gave me goosebumps. ~bravo~

06/11/19 06:17:00PM @lex-zaleta:
Thank you, Tony. I only wrote it. Bret Alexander (formerly of the Badlees) did the performance and the production.
tony cee
06/11/19 04:42:49PM @tony-cee:
carnt believe no one has commented on this song, wow what a voice lex superb songwriting aswell , I read your bio . to be honest you seem to be doing everthing superbly , great mix top marks from me , blown away ,,,,,cheers tony cee


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