Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Final Solution (feat. RoachByte)

album: Rebirth
genre: Rock
streams: 35

  Song Lyrics
Final Solution Lightning and thunder, Famine and floodLocusts and plague, rivers of bloodYoung mother’s cry with dead children in handDeath and disease,...
Final Solution (feat. RoachByte)
05/07/20 01:03:53PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks for listening!
Farrell Jackson
05/05/20 11:55:14AM @farrell-jackson:
Heavy guitars...I like it ! 8$Rum (Lorne) and RoachByte are rockin' it dark and heavily !


carol sue
05/04/20 05:23:41AM @carol-sue:
I'd flick my lighter at your concert! :)
Killer tune and all~ ::encore::


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