Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Bagdad Cafe (feat. Melani Cholie)

album: Fake News
genre: Rock
streams: 30

Bagdad Cafe (feat. Melani Cholie)
03/08/21 08:44:45AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Carol, Regina and Jim!
carol sue
03/08/21 08:34:08AM @carol-sue:
Dreamy rock!!
Bravo! *****

03/05/21 11:43:34PM @jimsae:
Melani is one of the very few vocalists that could soar like this over the blazing guitars! Helluva song!
Queen Regina
03/04/21 04:47:58PM @queen-regina:
Oh yes, mighty fine art. Great music, great vocals, great song. It's heavy.


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