Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Never Did

album: Stoned Headphones
genre: Acid Funk porn
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Never Did
Michael Slider
06/01/21 03:47:41PM @slider:
Totally badass ! I love it !!!
05/28/21 11:15:58PM @moquinn:
I dig this....I can relate....is this you singing
I was actually laughing in parts of this ....the "explicit" parts just got my funny bone....
cuz at times it would be something I might say....but, us ladies are not supposed to talk like that :D
(are you going to list song credits on this...just curious)

05/28/21 08:05:16PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Gary! Had to get this out of my system!!!
Gary Dabrowski
05/28/21 07:58:05PM @gary-dabrowski:
way cool dude!...and I'm really into Acid Funk Porn!
05/28/21 06:51:30PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Regina! I may or may not have been high! The bass was for sure!!!
Queen Regina
05/28/21 04:08:42PM @queen-regina:
Wow, I didn't know you could rap. This is very #Explicit but an amazing structure of great musical art. Love your voice. Cool track @Lorne


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