Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Dangerous Times

album: 8$ Raw
genre: Rock
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Dangerous Times
Queen Regina
07/11/21 08:21:10PM @queen-regina:
This is really cool Lorne. Sounds like a magic mushroom trip. But I love it. Trippy music and tune. Rocking guitars. Sounds dangerous, We live in dangerous times.
Gary Dabrowski
07/11/21 04:59:33PM @gary-dabrowski:
whoa...I like it
Michael Slider
07/09/21 07:56:24AM @slider:
You’re amazing brother!! Great song !
Farrell Jackson
07/08/21 08:58:19AM @farrell-jackson:
Cool Lorne! Dark, spacey and heavy with some interesting changes. Good guitar work as always but you've added some wonderful backing vocals and harmonies which takes it over the top for me. Nice work cuzn!


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