Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Oh Christina (Feat. FJ & RB

album: The Cuzn"s
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 35

Oh Christina (Feat. FJ & RB
07/31/21 11:06:32AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks for the kind words and for listening!!! Cheers BLJ, Twank, Tony!!
07/26/21 06:56:45AM @ronbowes:
On behalf of The Cuzns thankyou @bad-love-junkie @twank-whelan and @tony-cee for the kind comments ;-)
tony cee
07/25/21 11:45:53AM @tony-cee:
a great collab superb mix love the harp and guitar work , those drums sound fantastic ......cheers tony cee
Twank Whelan
07/24/21 05:10:52PM @twank-whelan:
Great tune! I'm pretty sure I recall hearing this during Ron's radio show Thursday. Rockin' tune, gents
07/24/21 04:23:36PM @bad-love-junkie:
Are all three of ya cousins? Oh my great solo... Just came on while i was typing.. The three of you sound great together. I'm sure you are very far apart but you sound tight as a band. I really enjoyed this and i enjoy hearing folks just jamming
for the love of it.

07/23/21 06:35:31PM @ronbowes:
Cheers for this! It was a blast to work on cuzns ;-)
Farrell Jackson
07/22/21 10:24:27PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Lorne for putting together such a great track to work with! It made my job a lot easier!
07/22/21 01:02:13PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks to Ron Bowes and Farrell Jackson for the awesomeness!!!


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