Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Mann im Mond

album: Mann im Mond
genre: alt rock
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Mann im Mond
08/07/21 09:38:35AM @wricky:
08/06/21 05:41:32AM @ronbowes:
Another great clab Lorne. Just pumping them out dude ;-)
08/05/21 07:55:32PM @lorne-reid:
TY Regina! And Slider!!! So totally appreciate your listening and support!!!
Queen Regina
08/05/21 05:40:43PM @queen-regina:
Man, I'm mundane that I can't understand the works. But I do understand music. Oh I just love you two together ❤ 💕 ♥ 💙
Did y'all record the English version of this one Lorne? Dynamic, great music, & vocals. Wowzers #QueenReginaPickhit

Michael Slider
08/05/21 03:15:36PM @slider:
Another gem !!!
08/05/21 12:23:01PM @lorne-reid:
Man in the Moon I think Farrell. Thanks for the support!!!!
Farrell Jackson
08/05/21 12:21:59PM @farrell-jackson:
Cool slidin' Lorne! The song sets a dark mood right off the bat. Great hazzy, night time atmosphere. Melani presents the vocals perfectly...if only I knew what she was singing. My Germerican isn't too good :o). Bravo, and excellent collab!
08/05/21 12:19:04PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Twank!!! New album out any day now. I'll let Melani know your compliments!! Cheers!!!!
Twank Whelan
08/05/21 11:58:13AM @twank-whelan:
Nice tune! I like this girl's vocals. Had a good laugh at your biography too!


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