Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Fire and Sway (feat. Melani Cholie)

album: Wizard of Dreams
genre: Rock
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Fire and Sway (feat. Melani Cholie)
12/25/21 08:32:24PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Eric and Farrell for the listen and comments! Mel is great to work with indeed! As is Farrell and maybe one day, Eric too!! Cheers to a new year for all of us filled with music.
Eric Saitz
12/25/21 08:23:20PM @eric-saitz:
Hi Lorne and Melani
Another great track from you two. I know that I am repeating myself but there is something special going on here with the combo of Melani's vocal style and that hard driving sound you have created. A match made in music heaven. Fantastic song. Take care my friends!

Farrell Jackson
12/24/21 11:42:19AM @farrell-jackson:
I dig this melancholy mood Lorne and Mel. A good groove and vibe...so into the warm, inviting flames of this song, the listeners fall.............


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