Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Baby Mine (feat. Melani Cholie)

album: Fortune Cookie
genre: Acid Funk porn
streams: 41

Baby Mine (feat. Melani Cholie)
04/12/22 04:39:14PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Twank. Farrell, Tristyn and Mela-Meli!! A fun track indeed. And a great pic!!!
Twank Whelan
04/12/22 04:37:27PM @twank-whelan:
That picture will keep me coming back for more....hang on, let me turn the sound on lol. Heavy on the funk and porn, microdosing the acid with this 'un, excellent blend :) Damn fine backing track, excellent vocal, enjoyed a couple of listens this time....
Farrell Jackson
04/12/22 09:51:19AM @farrell-jackson:
Back for another listen. I like that funky, chorusy bass Lorne. Nice backing vox Mel. Amazing stuff folks!
Mela Meli and Company
04/10/22 02:52:21PM @mela-meli-and-company:
Hey Lorne, I think you've let the cat out of the cage! In Melani's case, that's a good thing since we wouldn't want her head to explode by having all this energy locked up inside! :-) Now that's some funky acid porn!
Farrell Jackson
04/08/22 10:17:50AM @farrell-jackson:
Now this is some cool Acid Porn Funk!!!!!!!!!!!! Lorne's and Mel's talents and creativeness are on full display! A great song picture!
04/07/22 05:30:28AM @tristynleach:
Funky backing on this, cool track love the bass and the massive attack vibes it gives, enjoyed


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