Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Bullet Hole (feat. Melani Cholie)

album: Undead
genre: Rock
streams: 22

Bullet Hole (feat. Melani Cholie)
Twank Whelan
06/23/22 01:40:19PM @twank-whelan:
Always a pleasure! Intriguing title, can't quite make out all the lyric on this first listen, I'll be back for more.
06/23/22 11:53:20AM @jimsae:
The guitars always shine brightly on these collabs with Mel. And Mel's voice soars! Great one, you two!
Gary Dabrowski
06/21/22 05:17:05PM @gary-dabrowski:
cool song...sounds great!...the 6/8 time gives a nice feel to it too


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