Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Lord of the Rain (feat. Melani Cholie)

album: Pi
genre: unknown?
streams: 35
creation date: 2023-01-05

Lord of the Rain (feat. Melani Cholie)
01/27/23 05:07:09PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks all who listened! Cheers
tony cee
01/08/23 02:19:12PM @tony-cee:
really smart tune love the vocals from melani and superb backing and guitar work from lorne ....cheers tony cee
Gary Dabrowski
01/08/23 12:16:28PM @gary-dabrowski:
kool toon Lorne and Melani...interesting changes throughout...I like it!
Farrell Jackson
01/07/23 01:13:26PM @farrell-jackson:
This great Lorne and Melani! The guitars and the style are super sounding. Heavy and mellow depending on the section (bar), nice! Cool lyric and vocals Melani. I love the ending resolve with the major chord. Another winner!
01/07/23 01:45:46AM @lodato:
First note of the guitar and I’m hooked! Then Melani comes in and wow!
01/06/23 02:01:23PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Jim!
01/06/23 08:54:19AM @jimsae:
Great to hear another instant classic from Lorne and Mel!
Melani Cholie
01/06/23 03:54:35AM @melani-cholie:
Nice tune this is Lorniii!!! Beep!


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